Installation Tool Pouch Bundle

Installation Tool Pouch Bundle

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Bundle includes:

Tool Pouch $12.00

Knife Breakaway Disposal Box  $20.00

50pc NT 9mm 30º Breakaway Blades  $18.00

NT AD-2P 30º Knife  $9.50

NT A-553P 30º Knife  $9.50

Micro Squeegee Assortment $14.00

2x Lidco Teflon Squeegees with Suede Edge  $10.50

1x lidco Teflon Squeegee  $3.00

Buffer Sleeve  $4.00

Pink polyurethane PPF squeegee  $8.00

8" handled scraper  $5.00

Total including Tax    $134.53         Bundle Savings of $34.53